Project Management and Contract Administration

Projects Engineering and Management

  • End-to-end transactional advisory services including financial, procurement, engineering, project management and contract specialists for both public and private sector organisations.
  • Advise on contracting and execution strategies
  • Capex and opex cost estimation and budgeting
  • Preparation of bid lists and Invitation to bid documentation
  • Technical and commercial bid analysis
  • Reviewing or preparing terms and conditions
  • Developing or reviewing standards and specifications
  • Technology reviews
  • Functional design reviews - including safety, health and environmental reviews
  • Commissioning procedure preparation and support
  • End to end project management

Contracts Administration

  • Feasibility studies
  • Design and engineering
  • Advise on contracting and execution strategies in accordance with the following life cycle
  • Development of the project scope of work and the responsibility matrix.
  • Monitoring expenditures, ensuring funding availability when contract extends over multiple years.
  • Verifying accuracy of invoices and approving invoices for payment
  • Requesting amendments and/or contract renewals in a timely fashion
  • Verifying all work is completed and accepted by the client prior to the contract expiration date
  • Keeping an accurate auditable paper trail of contract administration.
  • Performing contract close out activities
  • Training of personnel

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