Engineering Consulting Services

Our portfolio of engineering technology consulting services covers the following infrastructure build areas:

  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Civil and structural engineering
  •  Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Metallurgical and chemical Engineering

The project engineering consulting services has the following amongst its mandates:

  • optimisation of projects at all stages in terms of functionality and design specification, cost, quality and timely project execution that meets and exceeds client expectations;
  • a response that is relevant to a defined requirement;
  • upstream integration of multiple constraints.

It is our concern that in completing every customer’s project, Africa-One’s engineering consultancy must demonstrate its capabilities to adapt to concrete and specific project requirements through adoption and employment of innovations such as broad and deep research into solutions that will typically meet the special requirements of the customer.
Depending on the type of project and customer, the infrastructure build and engineering consulting services will consist of a combination any of the work packages that include:

  • business case establishment
  • feasibility studies;
  • pre-programming and solution prototyping,
  • assistance with discussions with stakeholders,
  • institutional and financial deals,
  • socio-economic studies,
  • environmental and sustainable development studies,
  • studies on establishment in the territory and the location of geotechnical studies,
  • market research;
  • hydrological studies,
  • regulatory studies,
  • economic modeling: traffic/revenue/costs,
  • plans for urban transportation,
  • tender document package preparation ( including scope of work, specifications, bill of materials) and adjudication
  • transport and traffic plans,
  • infrastructure build and commissioning,
  • project management

In addition to the above upstream roles, our engineering expertise can also play the role of adviser in all phases of a project for our clients. The employer is not expected to possess skills in all of the areas or even have access to all of the necessary resources to perform his tasks correctly during project and we can optionally effect some knowledge transfer programs to capacitate and educate the employer’s employees. Our engineering consultancy and infrastructure build services depending on the customer requirements can be:

(a) Of a “specialised” nature involving such issues as:

  • Upstream studies (before the decision to proceed);
  • risk studies and management,
  • programmers,
  • preparation of the project implementation programme,
  • general planning,
  • financial and economic expertise,
  • technical, contractual or legal expertise,
  • sustainable development expertise,
  • SHEQ (Safety Health and Environmental Quality),
  • contract management and partnership expertise,

(b) Of an “inter-disciplinary” nature:

the inter-disciplinary deliverables for engineering consulting services may consist of assistance to the employer for all or part of the handling and/or management of the project:

  • conducting the operation,
  • project management,
  • payment or delegation (for public projects),
  • delegated employership (for private projects),
  • international “project management”.
  • Dedicated to the operation and maintenance phase: The completed work passes to the operator or user. In this new situation, assistance may also be necessary to :
  • define the operation and maintenance
  • programme,
  • ensure start-up,
  • carry out operation and maintenance.
If you need the expertise and experience of engineering consulting services, our engineers can assist you with providing the best of course of action for the given project.

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