Mining and Geology

Mining Engineering

  • prepare plans for mines, including tunnels and shafts for underground operations, and pits and haulage roads for open-cut operations, using computer-aided design packages
  • consult with geologists and other engineers about the design, selection and provision of machines, facilities and systems for mining, as well as infrastructure such as access roads, water and power supplies
  • Equipment selection and optimization
  • Design and optimization of open pit mines
  • Mine Ventilation & Gas Control
  • Backfill System Design and Construction
  • Mineral Transport and Logistics System Engineering
  • Mine Closure Planning & Remediation


Geotechnical Investigations: Africa-one Consulting offers soil investigation services. We focus to making known to our client both the physical and the chemical properties of soil.

Structural Geology: We also focus on studying rock and mineral structures  for the purposes of classification and identification.

3D Geological Modelling: We offer 3 Dimensional Analysis of Ore Bodies for the purposes of mineral exploration and estimation.

Hydrogeological Investigation: We focus on ground water optimization, starting from water detection, borehole sitting, Aquifer Management.

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