Business Consulting Services

We offer business consulting services to organisations and this encompasses:

  • Business intelligence
  • Business plan and business case development:- Africa-One Consulting assists organisations Small and Medium Enterprises and start-up companies in creating business plans to raise finance, as well as internal plans to help you set and review budgets and targets on an on-going basis. A good business plan is a powerful tool assisting you to start, run, and grow your business idea for new products or services, or to expand your existing business successfully. It also plays a key role in fund raising activities. Every business can benefit from the preparation of a business plan. Our specialists can assist you to develop a Business Plan with the help of which you will be able to:
  • turn your business concept or idea into a viable business;
  • select and determine of goods and services that will be offered by the company to customers;
  • determine directions of company activity, its target markets and company position in these markets;
  • formulate long, term and short term goals and tasks of company development, strategies and tactics for achievement of these goals;
  • determine the structure of marketing events on market study, price formation and sell off channels, necessary advertisement instruments, in order to stimulate the sale;
  • help you think through the venture and ensure you have considered all your options and anticipated any potential difficulties;
  • assess company’s financial condition in and material resources to achievement of set goals
  • obtain financial assistance by convincing prospective investors that your business is a profit making one and that their money will be safe with you;
  • obtain resources and supports from the management by convincing key managers that you are in control of the project systematically;
  • serve as an operating guide to its future growth;
  • furnish a standard against which to judge future business decisions and results.
  • Board and governance advisory services
  • Corporate and business unit strategy formulation
  • Customer and market strategy development – Africa-One Consulting evaluates key decision makers’ requirements, preferences, and budgets for clients seeking an independent assessment of their customers’ business needs and priorities. This qualitative appraisal affords a more holistic view into how clients’ customers are likely to respond to specific organizational initiatives.
  • Industry Best Practice and Benchmarking

Our services ensure efficiency, transparency, business sustainability, improve financial performance whilst at the same time boosting customer satisfaction.

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